Winter time

I’ve had trouble with my clavicle fractures again. Surprising huh? When it was about three weeks away from healing last year, i got a serious bad infection from a stitch coming through underneath (the body is supposed to waste them). The wound got bigger and bigger and i felt feverish and crappy. Eventually I saw straight into the plate and my own bone so I went to the emergency room and they had to remove the plate as soon as possible to make the infection go away. The bone was “whole” but broke again two days later out of nowhere.  Apparently it had healed a “false joint” and this is called pseudarthrosis. It sure felt lika a whole new fracture to me.

My body couldn’t go through another surgery just yet and we waited but the healing was unusual slow and then stopped. I’m about to do a CT (better x-ray picture in 3D) in january and hopefully the healing will start until then. I’m not sure what to believe anymore, but I’m hoping for the best. The photographing has been low all this time. Winter time is beautiful but I can’t wait for my next trip to Gotland towards the summer. I got myself a new lense: Tokina AT-X 11-16  I’ll really enjoy there. Take care and enjoy life  ♥

Update with my collarbone after CT x-ray. No healing and they don’t want to do any more surgeries and told me I can live like this. I hope it will be fine and not give me any troubles which will need to be fixed later on. My movement is pretty good considering everything


© Joanna


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