Clavicle Fracture…

…once again. When I had removed the screws in november, the doctor said I’d be very fragile for up to a year and of course I FELL out of my bed one week after and broke my right collarbone again. It hasn’t healed normally now after 6 weeks so I have to wait another month to know if I have to go through with two more surgeries and also take bone from my hip. I’m a bit sick of being in pain and doing this all over again. I miss photographing so much and hopefully when this is over I’ll get the urge to catch up. I really miss my favourite horse Chivas Regal, most of all. Can’t wait to get back to normal life. I wish all of You a happy, healthy and good continuation of the new year!

Update: I’ve done my third surgery january 29th and I’ll just be bionic woman forever now I guess.
Hopefully healed in the end of april.

Live Long & Prosper!



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