Long time,no update. I apologize. I had a very busy summer after my traveling and moved to another apartment with short notice. After that in september I was in Stockholm for a week. Should have uploaded some photos, but that was like summer days and now it’s cold and winter. In october I had an riding accident and a bad clavicle fracture which needed surgery. I’ve been in much pain and haven’t been able to use my right arm at all. So that’s why I haven’t been doing what I love and my poor camera needs attention. I managed – with one hand – to capture this picture of my new christmas tree. I just had to get one when I moved to a bigger apartment. I love the christmas spirit. I hope You all are feeling great and are healthy. I’m doing the physiotherapy exercises very carefully and want to be like I was before it all happened. I’m doing the best I can! It’s been 6 weeks now and fractures like this usually heals within 8 weeks, so soon.  But  workout and horse-riding will have to wait abit longer. Thank you for sweet comments! I miss photographing ALOT.

© Joanna


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